Monday, February 02, 2009

Had a fab weekend. Attempted to play tennis at Manolo's on Sat but Willow wasn't having a bar of it, so home we went to watch it on tv instead. Sat night we scrubbed up and threw on our glad rags, dropped Willow at Zoe's to be babysat for the whole night then went out for Nicola's b'day. Was a very successful night, and as much as I was very intoxicated, didn't throw up next morning which is always a blessing! We dined at Evita de Buenos Aires and thoroughly recommend it. Brilliant atmosphere, lovely hosts and the food to die for... even if you don't eat meat... you can have the chicken, or the vegetable brochettes. Next we went on to Suite which was surprisingly crowded for this time of year. Nicola and I had a good boogie while the boys got the drinks in.... Then we finished off at Vanity. Very crowded but great. And stumbling distance home! In bed by 5.15am but don't remember much.
Next morning i picked Willow up around 11am (yes i was probably still not in a fit state to drive) and she was perfect. Zoe hadn't heard a peep all night, and she had a great morning playing with Zac and eating Zoe's breakfast. So it's great to have that overnight option now.

Then Sunday afternoon we went to visit Simon and Emily to meet their new addition, Ela-Jo. She is beautiful and tiny but quite feisty for 7 pounds! They seem to be adapting extremely well and were as relaxed as ever. Their villa in the centre of Marbella is gorgeous and I am quite jealous! Thanks to Emily's mum for doing a fantastic roast chicken and veg and that tomato and basil tart was muy delicioso. And of course we had to wet the head, so more champagne.... and more wine.... ahhh, it's yoga and green tea today for me.... well plus my morning cup of coffe to get my blood pressure up for the day!!! Oh and it's slippers for me today as I gave my Galliano skyscraper heels an outing on Sat night, but they are definitely not designed for heavy dancefloor action. More like standing in one place all night looking glamourous. Blisters!!

Talking of glamour......the queen of accessories (or the mardi gras?)

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Home Girl said...

you crazy cats - sounds like you had a ball. we are yet to have a night on our own... well done for making it a priority and letting your hair down. next time more pics of galliano heels etc please xxxx