Sunday, August 28, 2011

Summer Holidays

We have just returned from our summer (?) holiday in England.  You may well laugh...  it was a shock to our systems.  We left behind 30 degrees and sunshine and flew in to grey, cold and rainy.  It was however all about the people this trip...  We hired a car and drove all over the countryside visiting friends and family.  Despite the lack of summery weather we still had a wonderful time and I feel Willow is definitely a country girl in the making.  She really was comfortable in the country environment and keeps talking about us getting a big house with a stable and vegetable garden like Grandpa Norman's and ponies and chickens and 2 dogs and a kitten...  We did actually find a perfect house and put in an offer.  Needless to say it was rejected.  A little too cheeky at 100,000 less than asking!!