Monday, June 25, 2007

Here is some information on the artist I mentioned in the previous entry. Mark from New York gave us a piece of his string art for our wedding present.

Gabriel Alberca

Gabriel Alberca was born in Algeria but has lived most of his life in Málaga. He is a member of the San Telmo Royal Academy of Fine Arts and he describes himself as a representational artist. He was one of the group of Málaga painters who stayed with Picasso in Cannes in 1957. Alberca remembers Picasso’s love of life: “He lived life to the full in every way and that’s why he was, to a certain extent, destructive, not only in his art in which he destroyed and recreated everything, but also in his personal life. His life was very complex.”For Alberca, Pablo Ruiz Picasso is the symbol of the 20th century. His favourite periods are the cubism and the whole of his early work, the blue and pink periods. “He made it very difficult for us all to go on painting. After Picasso, we had to start again from scratch.”
Friday, January 16, 2004
It's now into Week 41 and getting ridiculous. I'm so heavy that my feet and knees can barely support me. I am only comfortable when lying on my side or swimming in the pool. No sign of any contractions or signs other than lots of Braxton Hix. And it's now really hot outside!

We had lots of odd jobs around the house to do before any guests arrive (Amanda is our first in 2 weeks) and hubby wanted me to hire an odd job man to do them but I didn't fancy the idea of another stranger in the house so convinced him that he could do them if we bought the right tools for the job. So on Saturday we went to Leroy Merlin, a large DIY supermarket, and purchased a propert B&D drill, appropriate bits, hooks, screws and bulbs. That little exercise just about killed me and I had to wait in the car while Tanc did the rest of the grocery shopping. I think he will have to get used to doing it on his own for a while!

The rest of the weekend was spent DIY'ing, with Tanc up a ladder and me giving my 2 cents worth. It was quite a comedy of errors and a real test of a marriage but we got there in the end and my husband proved to be a worthy member of the DIY club. I am very impressed and proud of his results. And the drill has paid for itself in one weekend!

Our lamp from Tangiers was finally hung

Our wedding present from Mark was hung, it's a piece by a 70's string artist called Gabriel Alberca and apparently he is experiencing a surge in popularity with collectors. Nice!

Our apartment is starting to look like a gallery, but we love it!

Now these were a challenge, there was blood, sweat and tears involved....

Let's hope madame decides to come out and meet us soon because I'm getting very fed up...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Claerwen has requested a swimwear shoot before I drop the bun in the oven. Well here I am about to start week 40, in ALL my glory! You may wish to avert your eyes following these words.... not for the weak at heart.....

Friday, June 15, 2007

We have now added to our burgeoning property empire! We are the proud owners (well not really till all signed at notary but we've started the process) of 2 apartments in Berlin. They both require some renovation so we will have fun with that! We have been using the services of a local bloke who helped to source the properties and will help project manage the renovation in our absence. When finished his wife will rent out the properties for us on a short term, fully furnished basis. Thank god for Ikea! One property is in Prenzlauer Berg which is currently the trendiest area and the other is in Charlottenburg in the west of the city, close to the major shopping area. Both really good, interesting areas. Check out the links below to learn more about the areas....

In case you didn't know Tanc bought me a newer BMW X5 a month ago so we had 2! We have now sold my green one and have kept the newer black one thank goodness so are back to being a 2 car family. (Eco warriors we are not! I don't drive a lot and I do recycle! I have separate bags hanging up for each product.... do I sound a tad guilty!)

Here's my lovely green car going off to it's new owner......

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I forgot to report on my last visit to Dr Berral last Thursday. Tiger was monitored and all is normal. I was 1cm dilated and my cervix had started to lengthen and soften. So although it is impossible to tell how much longer, we are on the way! Now we await spontaneous labour or if nothing has happened by the 26th I need to go back in to the clinic to be monitored. I feel like it's more likely to be spontaneous combustion! Even Doc said i think she's going to be one of those chubby babies! Cherubic let's hope!

On the weekend we went to lunch in Benaojan which is past Ronda. We ate at a gorgeous restaurant on a river, which used to be a mill (los Molinos). Although I was very uncomfortable it was a beautiful setting. Charles and Sandra and Diana, Alex and Alex's son little Alex were with us. After lunch we went to look at Charles' land just down the road. They all went for a walk while I stayed in the car chatting with Sandra (in Spanish) about plastic surgery in Columbia which is where she is from and where she and Charles are going this Saturday for a 2 month holiday.

Notice Tanc's Ecuadorian Panama hat which we bought in Barcelona

In the last couple of weeks my face has really puffed up, and I know longer have ankles, not that I could see them if I did have them! Note to self: don't wear slicked back hair when having a fat face day. I look more like a fat 15 year old than Sade!

My 2 friends Ida and Tina were both booked in to be induced yesterday at the USP hospital in Marbella (where I'm going). That is if they didn't give birth on the weekend naturally. Yesterday was the annual Marbella holiday for the Feria (big party) so let's hope the doctors were in good shape! I await news of their experiences with bated breath.....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

On Sunday we went to Arroyo Hondo for lunch. It's a gorgeous restaurant in the hills of Casares and just up the road from the villa we put the offer in on. The food is the best I've eaten on the Costa del Sol and never disappoints. We were joined by Charles and Jo and Jayne. A great afternoon/evening...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

37 weeks

My husband took me out for dinner on Friday night, to Naga Thai in Puerto Banus. It was delicious as usual and seemed like ages since I had been out. I managed to find a dress to fit. I bought this about 8 years ago in Perth! Not bad value! I cut the draped sleeves and tied them behind my back. Of course it used to have the draped Grecian look and now is skin tight but at least it fits! Difficult to sit elegantly in a restaurant though as you have a tendency to spread your legs. Lucky there was a table cloth!
36 Weeks

Clumsy, vague, dizzy, can't concentrate or focus on anything, can't get comfortable, aching feet and back and a fat face... and some people actually enjoy being pregnant?? God I need a glass of wine!