Saturday, February 21, 2009

Willow's school La Latina celebrated Carnival Day this week

Too cute!

The lion is Willow's boyfriend

Willow and Tiara playing in Tiara's backyard jungle (the next day it was all mowed)

My little Picasso
I thought i was so clever putting plastic down

but the painted feet were soon all around the house but thank goodness we got her in the bath before the hands found the walls!
Pancakes are a family favourite

Willow and Pen. We took her sling off as she kept falling over and hitting her head which seemed more dangerous

My little baby.... she didn't let an injury hold her back

Still managed to muscle in on the toybox

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Home Girl said...

what a little character! such a busy girl with so much fun stuff happening. looks like u guys are having a ball. lovely to chat tonight, big kisses to you all xxx