Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm feeling very sad for my poor old state of Victoria. Very upsetting these fires. I heard some personal stories on CNN and was a blubbering mess. Of course I'm extremely pleased that all my loves ones are safe (and have airconditioning!).

Willow saw the traumatologist last night. Confirmed everything we knew really. Will heal quickly at this age. I put her in nursery for a couple of hours today and she had a great time but in consultation with the teachers I decided to keep her home till Monday just to give it a bit of time to repair, in case she falls over (or is pushed over!).
After the doc appointment last night we crossed the road to the beach. Was a gorgeous evening in Marbella. We wanted to stay for a glass of wine but remembered we had a roast chicken in the oven!
In the picture below you can see Africa on the left, Gibraltar in the middle and Spain on the right.

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