Thursday, March 29, 2007

I can't believe how fast time is flying by. A sure sign of old age... We have our 28 week scan on Monday to see how Tiger is doing, which is exciting. I've definitely got a lot bigger in the last couple of weeks. And Tiger is moving around constantly which I hope is a good sign!

We had a great weekend last. Went to Tarifa on Saturday, stopping to look at a villa on the way. What an experience! We didn't like the house at all; too dark and the rooms to small which is how the Spanish seem to design their houses. It's obviously to keep cool but I think I would commit suicide if I had to live in a house like this one! The owner showed us round his summer home for all the family and we ducked and weaved between the antlers and the bull heads and between the clutter and overstuffed furniture. Interesting but we couldn't wait to get out of there!

In Tarifa we lunched at El Arte de Vida, a cool cafe/hotel on the beach (where we took you, Lois and Amanda). Always windy in Tarifa but still great. Walked on the beach after lunch, trying not to get decapitated by the kite surf ropes and trying not to step in dog shit (an extremely distasteful habit of the Spanish!).

View to Atlas Mountains in Africa

We got back home in the evening in time to get dolled up as we went to a dinner and show of Cabaret at the Puente Romano. Fabulous night. Met new Spanish people who took us out clubbing afterwards to Suite. I felt extremely conspicuous squeezed into my cocktail dress with the ankle straps on my Gucci stilettos getting tighter by the hour! Nevertheless had a great time and fell into bed at 3am. Tanc managed to hand out and receive several very useful business cards so the event was a huge success all round.

Have started painting in my art class which is very exciting. Is fun playing with techniques for applying the paint. He is teaching me oils which is his medium and is the medium I have least experience with.

Is Semana Santa next week (Easter) and I am trying to book us a trip to Tangiers on the ferry (to do some serious shopping!) Fantastico!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Wow it's been ages since I've been on the blog. We've had a great week in Meribel, France, a night in Geneva and I have really grown outwards!

Tanc had a wonderful time skiing and really improved his 'style'. He went off early each morning (with a hangover) and came back in the evening. We stayed in a chalet in a little village called Les Allues which was 15 minutes by telecabine into Meribel village and the 'pistes'. We were joined by our friend Bob, his kids and their partners and Tanc's old friend Henry. There were also 4 other couples in the chalet who we just met. Co-incidentally there were 2 other pregnant girls which gave me some company and plenty to chat about. One girl was even due on the same day as me! And we are both starting ante-natal classes on our husbands birthday's and we both honeymooned in Port Douglas last year! How weird is that! But no we are not destined to be life long friends. I think the wife thought Tanc was a bad influence on her hubby! I enjoyed myself indulging in a massage, facial, seaweed wrap, french manicure and plenty of walking and exploring (oh and i bought some expensive French baby clothes for Tiger!)

Meribel Pistes

Meribel Village

Les Allues

Bob and family

The Alpine area in between France and Switzerland is very beautiful. Lake Annecy looks like a gorgeous place to have a holiday house, very relaxing and great fun summer or winter. We adored Geneva; the lake is fantastic, and the city itself quite glamourous.

Lake Annecy

Lake Geneva

We are now back in the swing of things. My 24 week scan showed that all is well with Tiger. And you'll be glad to hear that i have put on 10kg since becoming pregnant! Apparently you are meant to put the most wait on in the last trimester. Great! Tiger is extremely active, preferring 6am for her main aerobic session of the day! Tanc is pleased because we think she looks like him already! Oh god!

My 25 week body, enjoying the morning sunshine on our terrace

I'm straight back in to my art class and Spanish classes (which i'm finding difficult after being away 2 weeks. I had just got used to speaking French!)

Re the villa that I love, the owners have dropped 200K off their price towards our offer. Nearly there! Stay tuned....

I am very excited because it looks like my wonderful parents, Ros and Tim, are going to come to visit us and help out with the first few weeks after Tiger is born. Yippeee!

Had a very social day Saturday, a birthday party in the afternoon and a birthday party in the night. Extremely tiring for me but fun. Hard keeping the champagne quota down to a glass and the fruit punch down to a couple! Caught up with friends we hadn't seen for ages, Michelle and Mike. I used to work with Michelle and she says that the place is like a morgue now I've left!

Me and Michelle at Roberto's Birthday Party

Clover at Ollie's B'day Party

Theo as Spiderman at Ollie's B'day Party

There has been a major fuckup with our health insurance. It seems that our policy hasn't been upgraded yet as we had thought so all tests we have had to date will not be able to be reimbursed. The Spanish can be so thick! And imagine Spanish insurance companies! Hopefully we can sort it out this week but if not I don't know what we are going to do!