Friday, January 30, 2009

Time for a new look and more action on the blogging front. I've gone for a minimal, organic look, antidote to the stressed, credit crunch world we are currently living in.

Willow is happily ensconsed (is that a word?) at nursery for 2 more hours, the house is reasonably tidy (enough to receive visitors) and the sun is shining. I've had my coffee and am feeling very positive about life. (Puccini is on the stereo). I am going to upload some photos and then work on my painting (a commission for my girlfriend Gabriela). Just spoke to Mum in Melbourne who is sweltering in the 4th day of over 40 degrees!

Weekend stroll in Puerto Banus

At the garden centre

Sorry about the blurr but wanted to show you her Matrix look! Her friend Zac's glasses.

Bosco, Indira and Willow in London pre Christmas

Christmas Fair in Hyde Park

Enjoying a moment with Auntie Amanda

A family outing to the Tate Modern.... Fantastic! I really miss the galleries, living in Marbella

Willow and Sienna being part of the installation...

In grandma Lois' kitchen at Christmas

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Home Girl said...

hello darlings, just tunned in and am catching up with your blog. so many cute photos to oggle thankyou! how gorgeous is that fur willow is sporting - i want to blow it up to my size! looks like lots of fun with the Uk branch of the family. must b such a lovely novelty to get some extended family love (i remember how hard we found it in sydney with no regular family get-2-gethers - such a wonderful change to be in contact now - wish u guys had that opportunity) xxxx