Monday, July 21, 2008

A Social Whirl!

I haven't had time to catch my breath over the past couple of weeks with the summer party scene upon us. And Willow, our up and coming IT girl has been having a blast.
A big thankyou to Auntie Claerwen, Uncle Richie, and cousins Winter and Baxi for the great books you sent Willow for her birthday. She loves them!

Poppy's 1st birthday afternoon tea...

Beach trip to Fuengirola to meet up with Mark, Indie and Bosco out from London...

Dinner at Terra Sana on Friday night with Bob and Julie. Willow made some new friends as usual, including a puppy called Chico. She was carried off around the restaurant in the arms of the very charming French maitre d' to kindly allow me to eat my dinner!

Ethan's 1st birthday party was Saturday afternoon...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sorry I've been slack... here are the latest photos of Willow's birthday. She and Tiara had a combined 1st birthday afternoon tea party at our place. It was a lovely afternoon and the kids were fantastic. Tanc made masses of beautiful sushi and I made lots of cakes! Nicola, Tiara's mummy, made wraps and chocolate cake so we had loads of food. And to drink, bellinis...

Birthday girl Tiara

Lisa and Poppy (we went to Poppy's birthday party on Friday)

Fergus and Ethan (we're going to Ethan's birthday party this Saturday)

1yr olds' convention

Livio, Nicola and Tiara

Singing happy birthday

John and Ethan

Dawn and Ethan