Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday 28 November, 2006

Today we had an appointment at Hospiten, a Sanitas Private Hospital in Estepona. The appointment was for 1.30pm and we got there a couple of minutes before. We waited until 2.45pm to see the doctor. T was extremely pissed off by then so it was not a good start to the appointment. When we walked in and saw the doctor I think we were both a bit shocked. He was unshaven and so thin he looked ill. He started firing questions at me in Spanish which I didn't think were relevant and T and I both sat there a bit bemused. I was taken to be weighed and had my blood pressure taken then pants off and up on the stirrups. An interepreter had arrived by then but she seemed very grumpy. He started asking me about pap smears and I couldn't remember when I last had one so said it must have been before the IVF started. Soon our Tiger was up on the screen and you could see the little arms and legs and that heart still beating away strongly. So that was it, pants back on, sat back with him he told me via the interepreter that I need to book the Nuchal Fold test for Dec 15 and had to come and do the full blood tests sometime before then. So we went and waited another half hour at reception to sign forms and book the next appointment. I could see T was not happy at all. Then they said they couldn't fit me in on the day the doctor asked for but could see me on the 19th so I booked that but I don't think we will be coming back for that unless we can't find another solution.

So the main thing is that Tiger is perfect so far but overall it was a depressing day instead of being joyful. Instead of clarifying the situation with regard to my antenatal care and the birth, it has only served to muddy things. We will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with another plan because one thing is for sure, I don't want that doctor delivering our baby if I can help it! I know that sounds terrible and the reason he probably looks so bad is because he delivers so many babies (there were several checking out as we were waiting), but neither of us felt comfortable in the place. It certainly was not private healthcare as we know it.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Thursday, November 16, 2006 Cont.

pay outright. We were both so impressed with the session and felt completely informed. Our next scan is due in 4 weeks and we have between now and then to decide whether to try another doctor affiliated with our private health insurance and also whether to have the amniocentesis to test for Down Syndrome or just have the nucal fold test plus blood tests. Lots to think about! Here is our lovely embryo hereonafter to be known as Tiger! Tiger is nearly 2cm already and the placenta is in the process of forming. Amazing!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

We had our first scan yesterday. There was good news and bad news. The bad news was that we had lost one of the embryos. The brilliant news was that we have one very healthy, rapidly growing embryo. The joy of seeing the heartbeat is something that everyone tells you about but it doesn't prepare you for seeing your own. It is an extremely emotional experience. It was beating so rapidly that I was thinking my god, our child is going to be hyperactive, but the doctor explained that this is very normal and an excellent sign of good health. Fantastic! After years of wanting this so badly and hearing about everyone else's experiences, this time it was our turn and it was magical. T, my husband, went off to work relaying all the technical statistics to anyone and everyone proudly and came home tired and emotional (pissed!) after being on a natural high all day! The gestational age of our embryo is now 8 weeks and 4 days with the expected delivery date being 24th June 2007! It seems absolutely surreal, but at the same time very real for me as I am constantly nauseaus and tired. I am so lucky not to have to be working through this as that would be hell. I am sleeping throughout the day when im not eating to relieve the nausea and then seem wide awake throughout the night with a million thoughts passing through my head. It must be nature's way of preparing me for the nightly feeding onslaught that will be upon me in 7 months!

I experienced a slight sense of loss yesterday after preparing myself for twins but T, my husband, admitted that he is actually relieved. The doctor explained that the embryo probably never even implanted properly and would have been absorbed quickly into my body. This made me feel a little better. Things will certainly be a lot easier with one, from the birth to the caring and easier on our relationship too without a doubt!

We went to see Dr Berral who I found on the internet. He trained in UK and appeared to have the very latest equipment, not to mention he and his wife, who runs the clinic, speak perfect English which I felt was important for our first scan. They are not affiliated with any private health insurers so we had