Monday, February 09, 2009

Fancy french toast to try to tempt fussy morning eater (that's Tanc if you're wondering)

Trying out recipes for my new birthday cake making business

Willow taking after me in the frowning department...

Yes she does watch a lot of television!

The Ikea stuff has been very successful

Well it's been quite eventful the last week with one thing or another. My crown fell off so I had a quick trip to the dentist. I had to help hubby move out of his office and into a temporary office. In fact i did all the packing while he continued working and talking on the phone. Thank goodness for wives! Then on Saturday Willow fell of the back off the couch and on to the marble floor. We had the ambulance service come out and take a look at her because she was in a lot of pain. They didn't think there was a break but said to keep an eye and take her to the hospital if concerned. Well after speaking to Granny Ros the next morning I decided immediately to take her to the hospital and sure enough she has a fractured clavicle. It's been a horrible experience for her, with the doctors poking around the painful area, the x-ray etc. but we are very proud of her. She is still full of spirit and it's amazing to see how quickly she has adapted to using one hand with the other strapped up. I thought she would be so frustrated and miserable but she is coping so well.
Straight after the hospital yesterday
By the afternoon we were at the tennis club

This morning she was in good spirits

Still managing to look glamourous!

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Home Girl said...

oh dear how horrible. poor possum, poor mummy, those hospital visits are so traumatic. glad to hear she is coping ok now and still looking so scrumptious. sending you all some special auntie and uncle love. bet those gorgeous cakes perked her up xxx