Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And this day last year...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Been very slack on the old blogging. sorry. The young lady is keeping me fully occupied. She's having a great time, enjoying summer, gaining confidence and balance every day. What a character she is. We are really blessed to have such a gorgeous, funny, entertaining daughter. That's not to say she doesn't turn in to the devil child at least once per day!

Taking on Max at P's birthday party

Hanging with the cool kids at P's 1st birthday

Willow made friends at the ice bucket

Fortunately it wasn't open!

Daddy enjoying the party, looking very suave in his Panama

Another great party weekend at Mike and Michelle's

Monday, August 04, 2008

Sunday afternoon on Estepona Beach

Strolling the promenade with Jayne and Jo

Saturday night at Casares Feria with Jayne

Enjoying the fiesta

The weirdest thing you have ever seen in your life: a local drag queen (on speed) who rides the children's train at all the ferias, hitting them with a broom and dodging the tunnel by millimetres. Strangely the children love it??

Enjoying the view at the villa in Gaucin

Clover invited us to stay Friday night at the villa of an artist friend of hers, which she is houseminding. It is a stunning, inspirational house and we had a fantastic time. Willow especially enjoyed the new environment with so much to look at.

Willow loves putting girly things on already!

Fantastic artwork everywhere

A drunken evening of dancing, talking and laughing...

Theo was great at looking after Willow and she loved him.

Willow enjoying her new outdoor setting...

And she's now walking!