Monday, March 04, 2013

Morocco 2012

It´s coming up for a year since we went to Morocco on holiday to celebrate Mr T´s 50th.  I can´t remember if I have shown these photos at all before but I feel the need to document it a little, for my memory if nothing else!

It was definitely an adventure holiday.  Morocco seems to be a place that divides people.  Some are absolutely obsessed and adore it and for others once is enough.  We love it.  Willow does not have good memories of the travelling bit as it was long (we drove from Spain), dirty and very different for her.  However she loved it once we got to Marrakesh and joined up with the family who had flown straight in from London.   

The snowy Atlas Mountains in the distance beyond the dessert.  In the dessert were growing Argan nut trees where in Spain it would be Olives.  Argan oil is extremely desirable (hence expensive) around the world, in the beauty industry and in cooking. 

first night we spent in Fez, surprisingly freezing and we were not prepared for it

Our riad in Fez

The next night was in Essaouira, a surf/fishing town with a slightly hippy feel and a great music scene.  In the 60´s it was the in place for muso´s like Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Cat Stevens.  Fabulous, laid back place, amazing cheap seafood.  We stayed at a really gorgeous riad, recently revamped by a young  Moroccon couple with very good taste.  The downstairs breakfast area was a library which fascinated Willow.  She also loved the Moroccan pancakes and mint tea.

Check the following link for another description of essaouira which used to be known as Mogador

We arrived in Marrakesh and met up with the rest of the family who had flown in from London.  The villa was absolutely fantastic, in the Palmeraia area, surrounded by lush garden and glamourous riad style villas. The weather was perfect, not hot, just warm enough to bare some skin!

We all took a taxi into the centre of Marrakesh to the kasbah area which means within the walled area (the souk/market area) to the focal point, the main square called Jemaa el-Fnaa.  It is an absolute feast for the senses.  Possibly too much for some, between the noise, the smells, the hubbub, the traffic.  

Birthday enjoying a feast in the main square of Jemaa el-Fnaa