Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Cute Pics...

Benahavis Sunday Car Boot Sale

Fiesta Fiesta Kids Art and Craft Workshop

de Pola family antix

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Willow's Weekend Antics

We all know Willow loves a party frock, well this one we bought from the Lindsay at Box Rooms and Frocks. She has a stall at the Benahavis Market on Sundays. This will be Willow's Boxing Day Lunch dress in Melbourne. We had to fight her to get it off!

She loves to help me cook. Here she is making her own spaghetti sauce.

Monday, November 09, 2009

Gosh it has been a busy old time. I apologise for my part-time blogging! First we had Vanessa and John to stay which was so fantastic. They are our very good friends who live in Newcastle in New South Wales and even though it's been a few years since we saw each other it was just like it was yesterday. We went to meet them off the ferry in Tarifa (they had been in Marrakech) then we all stayed in Tarifa a couple of days at the Posada La Sacristia, a gorgeous boutique hotel that has been there a while but is still very stylish.

Willow with John and Ness

After they left I had to quickly organise a kid's Halloween party for 12 in Sierra Blanca. It was a lot of fun. As it was also my birthday on Halloween, I had to race home and change into my Mortisha outfit and head off to our adult's Halloween/birthday dinner party, held at Evita for Buenos Aires, in Nueva Andalucia. This was a brilliant night with a great group of friends. We then went out to Studio 10 for a boogie and ended up at home at 5am! Poor Maria from La Latina was babysitting Willow and I think she was hoping to go out after herself!

Willow dressed as a Ladybird to go to her nursery Halloween party

Willow and Dahlia, one of her teachers at La Latina

Willow and Gaby

Tanc or should I say Drac and Nicola ....

Mortisha and Witchie

Cruella, Monk and Tony Montana...

Then last Saturday I had a 9 year old girls party to host in Hacienda Las Chapas. They were a gorgeous bunch of girls and it was lots of fun playing games then dressing them up for dinner with hair and makeup. They were served Babysham by a black tie french waiter (her dad) before sitting down to spaghetti dinner. Very cute.

We are also organising/designing our ensuite bathroom at the moment. This has moved up a step as we are hoping to have it done while we are in Australia.

Off to clean up the organised chaos (i wish) in which we are living right now...

The good news is Willow is toilet trained successfully. The bad news is she is hitting people (including her friends) a lot...

Checking out the latest Agent Provocateur catalogue!!!

Making a train out of the box that my birthday flowers arrived in.... thanks Mum and Dad!!!