Saturday, December 08, 2007

It is to be recorded that today, 9th December 2007, Willow first said Dada. Sounded more like gaga to me but daddy is convinced so we will let him have this pleasure. She is certainly making some unusual noises. When she is happy and excited she crows at the top of her voice. And when she wakes in the mornings she lies chatting to herself and chuckling which is really cute. She's not teething yet but it can't be long as she is always sucking either her toes, her thumb or anything she can get her hands on, and her clothes are constantly soaked with dribble.

I've discovered that unless I dress Willow in pink, when we are out she gets 'que guapo' all the time which means what a lovely boy. I believe my mother had the same problem with me. Don't know if i will resort to sticking a bow on her head as was done to me...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A weekend walking adventure...

Picking olives

Looking out over Marbella to the Med

Monday, November 19, 2007

Camping it up at a drag show for Sophia's b'day

Fabulous Aunt Jane's recent visit was over too quickly

Willow is starring in her Friday swimming lessons

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Willow is now 4 months old can you believe it! I'm still loving being mummy.....she is a joy!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Surprise!

For my (ahhum) birthday last week, my lovely husband took the family to Ibiza for 3 nights. We stayed at a gorgeous hotel right on the tip of the north of the island, called Na Xamena (Hacienda Hotel). It's a 5 star spa hotel and the staff, food and accommodation were impressive. The slight problem we had was that the airline lost our suitcase on the way (although it was only a 50 minute flight and there were only 10 people on the flight!) So we struggled through with no luggage, having to buy nappies etc for Willow as soon as we could and making do with hotel toiletries. To cap things off, on the Saturday night we went for dinner in Ibiza Town and I was unfortunately covered in red wine by a little girl swinging her coat and taking my glass with it! I burst into tears and lamented that this was my only outfit, and she apologised lamely as did her father, both in shock at what had just happened, so we told them just to go! Can you imagine the faces of the reception at the hotel, they couldn't believe our bad luck! The hotel experience was brilliant but the bad luck continued on the trip home. We had to fly via Barcelona but there were problems with our plane for the trip back to Malaga and so after 6 hours in the airport it was finally cancelled and we had to stay in a hotel overnight and take an early flight the next morning. So all in all quite an experience to start the rest of my life with!....

The view from our window

Our room

Las Cascades Water Treatments

The high life!

Tancrede demonstrating the paper undies used in the spa

Willow loved the Egyptian cotton sheets!

and the 5 star restaurant!

Daddy's little girl

another day, another beach...

Monday, October 08, 2007

So I have finally booked our tickets to Oz at Christmas. Can't wait! We arrive Christmas Eve, stay for 16 days and leave Melbourne on 9th to go to Hamilton Island, then to Sydney on 15th for 2 nights, flying back to London on 17th. All that with 6 month old Willow. Will be challenging I expect!

We went for a walk on Sunday to work up an appetite for lunch. Weather was beautiful so we took Willow for some cross-country pramming near Lake Istan, 20 minutes drive from our place.

Guess who drew the short straw!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Oh dear, it's been such a long time between bloggings! I'm still trying to 'manage' my time efficiently; some days are successful and others seem to disappear into nothingness except for the quality time spent with my gorgeous daughter Willow. It's hard to drag myself away from her as I really do have things to do.... !

We had a great couple of weeks with our visitors, first Marcella Brennan came to stay (Renee's mum) and then Lois and Norman (Tanc's parents) came to visit; Willow of course being the centre of attention.

Marcella and Willow deep in conversation

The windows to her soul....

Lois and Norman looking very cool and relaxed in Plaza de Naranjos

Willow enjoying a laugh with Grandma Lois

Willow and I started swimming lessons last Friday. The first class she didn't like so much as the room was very noisy and it was all a bit overwhelming but yesterday she enjoyed herself. She now has a little friend called Liv who is in the class too. She is Cecilia's 7 month old daughter and unbelievably I met Cecilia in Japan about 10 years ago! The world really is a small place! I will get some photos next time.

Enjoying the last of the season's sun

Willow was very brave on Thursday and had her first lot of immunisation. No problems or side effects which was great as obviously it is stressful for the parents! The doctor gave her the once over. She is the perfect weight for her height and only 5% of the baby population at 3 months are taller/heavier than her. According to him if she continues at the rate she is going she will be at least 5 ft 8 inches when she is 20yrs old, but I seem to remember that's what they said to Lindy (my sis) didn't they, and she's my height! So doc's advice was to just keep doing what I'm doing until she is 6 months when we can start with the solids as she is getting all she needs from my milk.

Tanc stopping to smell the roses?

Willow, 3 months

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Willow's Wardrobe

Alfresco Dining

Our new apartment in Berlin is on this street

Saturday, August 18, 2007

6 Weeks

Antenatal Class Reunion Lunch - all boys plus Willow!

Proud Daddy showing off daughter at Antenatal Class reunion lunch

Too hot for clothes!

Willow loves her bathtime!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Tanc's gorgeous sister Amanda was over from Florida visiting England so she came over to meet her new niece. She was a life-saver in those first few days, doing everything from packing the dishwasher to feeding me as I concentrated on Willow and her needs.

2 Days Old with Aunty Amanda

Exhausted but very proud Daddy!

Exhausted but very proud Mummy!

The Day After....