Wednesday, September 01, 2010

You may remember that last year at this time we had a very successful first trip to Portugal after living on the doorstep for 6 years.  We visited various locations to get an overview but this year we decided to head for the Algarve and stay put and have a relaxing beach holiday.  We managed to locate a wonderful sounding B&B near Tavira which is just over the border from Spain into Portugal. We booked 5 nights getting home late on Tuesday.  It was just the most lovely relaxing holiday we could have hoped for.

The B&B was a townhouse called Casa Rosada in Castro Marim, a tiny, fascinating, mediaeval town sitting at the foot of a castle and a fortress.  We actually left a day before the annual famous Mediaeval Festival.  Willow loved it.  She is going through a princess stage where she believes that she is a real princess so living at the foot of 'her' castle was just perfect.  Casa Rosada is run by Rupert and Andrew who left high profile careers in London to come and run this perfect place.  Here are some views...

Breakfast in the garden every morning, with crisp white antique linen and silverware, fresh fruit, yoghurt, muesli, honey, toast, home made jams and marmelade, and the famous Portuguese baked cream tarts when Rupert could get them at the market... we love them!

Willow loved to play ballet school in the secret room at the back of the garden...

View of the castle from the garden.  It was lit at night.

The castle of Castro Marim

The rebuilt Fortress of Castro Marim

Over the bridge into Spain

We visited Cacela Velha, a gorgeous little village on a hill, then took a boat ride to the beach.

We fell in love with Tavira, the Venice of the Algarve!

On our last morning, Tanc went fishing, as he always has to on our trips...

He caught lots of mackerel and brought it back for us to have for lunch.  Rupert whipped up this bountiful, delicious feast, only hours out of the sea...

Thanks Rupert and Andrew (and Poppy of course) for a wonderful holiday in your inspiring home!

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