Monday, August 09, 2010

Summer Fun!

Our neighbours' puppy  Juicy spent a lot of time in Willow's arms while they were here.  She even tried to keep her by locking the doors so Juicy couldn't get out, and putting her in her bed uncer the bedclothes!

Delivering eggs!

Willow rode her favourite pony Chocolate on Saturday

A fiesta fiesta tea party!

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Home Girl said...

Hi darling. Lovely to see some summer pics of your sweetie. I have a much clearer picture of her in my head now after spending time with her over christmas. such a twinkly, happy-go-lucky nature. I finished off her birthday parcel a while ago but have been hopeless at sending it as i'm not sure of the safest way. am planning to give it to ros and she will put it in tim's courier system 2moro as that seems to have been sucessful. so sorry its late. hope u are well all very good here in our new pad xxxx