Thursday, September 16, 2010

I was just doing a few errands in Marbella the other day when I came upon a new little kitchen shop.  Now I love a good kitchen shop and must admit to a bit of a kitchen gadget addiction (my husband too).  So I was so pleased to enter and find all my favourite bits and pieces, inlcuding things that I usually have to buy when I am in the UK or online.  I made a purchase, a cute egg shaped rubber spatula for non-stick pans that I am very happy with.  Speaking with the man in the shop I found they had only been there 3 months and were only an online shop before this.  I told him I was very happy they were now in Marbella and that I would be seeing him again soon!  The shop is called Cuisine Paradiso and is situated just up from the corner on the right hand side of the street running between Ricardo Soriano and the Mercado (before you get to La Pesquera Old Town) Apparently the street is called Calle Huerta Chica.

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