Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Grand Prix BBQ

Last weekend we were having a couple of people around for a bbq to watch the grand prix and it turned into 12 people and ended at 12 midnight with everyone dancing in the lounge! 

I would say the foodie highlight of the day was the chocolate cake.  It was a new recipe and one I will repeat often!  Called the chocolate buttermilk cake it is one of Donna Hay's recipes.  So moist.....  I will put up the recipe when I have a minute.  It's very easy too...  And of course the kids demolished the marshmallow skewers in a flash...  the big kids that is!

She's a Horsey Girl!

Willow is obsessed!  She loves everything about horses, ponys, riding hats, jodphurs (wants her own pair and riding boots for Christmas!) even loves being in the stable.  In her own words she is a horsey girl now mummy!  Seeing she is only just 3 we have a long, expensive road ahead! 

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