Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Week 32 Body

Surely I can't get much bigger!

We went for our 32 wk checkup and I have put on 3kgs since last month bringing me to 70.6. That's 15kg or 2.36 stone so far! Tiger is growing rapidly now and her head and legs are bigger than average. I hope this means she will come early because I think I will explode if it's another 8 wks! She is still looking very much like daddy.....

We are still not sure where I will be giving birth. It's ante-natal class day today so should be interesting. It's also the Champions League semi final with Manchester United playing so I doubt whether my husband will be concentrating on anything other than getting out of there pronto! Thank goodness for SKY+ !

My new cleaner, Mariella, is working out beautifully. She is upstairs cleaning the bathrooms as I sit here typing. Fantastic! She comes twice a week and it is making a big difference to my life. She's a young Polish girl who is very keen and and a good worker. Her boyfriend valets our cars which is how I got hold of her.

I've been researching Berlin property for the past few weeks. We are planning to purchase our next investment property there if all works out. I've been speaking to a property sourcer who is going to gather a range of the best properties in our budget and make appointments to see them. Tanc will go over for a couple of days to check them out and hopefully find one to buy. Unfortunately I won't be able to fly now till after the birth but I can't wait to check Berlin out. It sounds amazing!

Off to do my Spanish homework now. Haven't done anything for a week as we have had another national fiesta holiday...

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