Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lovely Sophia organised a baby shower for me on Wednesday. It was fantastic getting a group of girls together for a laugh, and of course to spoil my baby! It was great to catch up with Michelle and Karen from my old work and to see Naomi and Sara out of a work situation (I only ever see them in the Notary or at their office to pick up documents or a cheque for my husband). And Sandy has just got back from a romantic trip to Dubai and she looks amazing so I got a snippet about her successful trip too. I made cupcakes and pink jelly, pink dip and smoked salmon pastries as well as pink cocktails (cosmopolitans). Unfortunately most of the girls were driving so I wasn't able to get them too hammered!

Sophia and Karen enjoying a cocktail, fag and a chinwag

Sandy looking laidback and glamourous as always

Smiley Michelle wondering where the waiter is with her cocktail

Adorable little ballet shoes from Naomi and Sara

Tiger's bedroom is coming along nicely!

Our friend Mark from New York, an art dealer, popped around for a casual BBQ

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