Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Birthday Boy!

Monday was my darling husband's birthday so he decided he'd like a BBQ/party on Saturday. We were incredibly unlucky with the weather as it had been lovely just prior and just after Saturday but party day was grey and drizzling constantly. The party went on regardless, in the house and outside on the terrace, under the awning. We had plenty of food, champagne and other bevs, and brilliant music supplied by our friend Frank from London who had lengthened his trip specifically to play DJ. So the rain soon became an issue no longer..... I had worked like a dog, shopping and cooking, making all the food from scratch so when it actually came time to socialise, I was shattered. I only managed 2 hours before I snuck off to bed for the rest of the night. By all accounts it was a very successful party and birthday boy certainly enjoyed himself. There were a few bodies lying around the next morning and I found a few questionnable items which lead me to believe that a wild night was held by all. I'm glad I was safe in bed! Item no. 1, a pair of ladies knickers on the stairs, item no. 2 a pony tail in the rubbish bin. Strange! Our friend Mark from New York texted next day asking who cut his hair but no-one has owned up to the knickers. I'm not surprised!

Enjoying the BBQ

Look at the size of me!!!

Tanc thanking Sophia for his birthday badge

Theo providing the entertainment

The blonde contingent, Clover, Charles and Sandra

The Wags getting down to Frank's toons

(A big thankyou to Diana and other mystery photographers for making sure the night was recorded)

On Monday, T's actual birthday, we attended our first ante-natal class held by Anne a lovely Irish midwife, highly experienced in Spain, along with 8 other couples. They all seem very nice so hopefully we will make some friends as well as get prepared for 'the main event'!!! Tanc even managed to watch the graphic DVD although he admitted later that he couldn't look at one bit and I assured him i was quite happy for him to stay up the top end during the birth!


Diana said...

A big thank you to you for ALL that lovely foood and for making us realize that we have that...nobody misses the sun.

Marbella Mummy said...

It was a pleasure, you know how much i love to bake!