Monday, May 14, 2007

Took Tiger on her first shopping expedition on Saturday (first in honour of her anyway). We bought her cot plus bedding, a pram, a chest of drawers with bath and change table and a bouncy hammock. It was fun. And we managed to get some things on sale so hubby was happy! They are all being delivered this week so I will have fun putting the nursery together.

I went for the 34 wk scan this morning (i'm just starting week 35). Tiger is in a perfect position with head down and her spine to my right. She looks adorable all ready! Really plump now with a big round head which is going to make my life difficult! Her head shows 35.6 weeks while the rest of her body is showing gestational age of 35 weeks.

I spent nearly 2 hours with the doctor, running through all my questions and telling him my thoughts on how I would like the birth to proceed. Thank goodness he is in agreeance with everything that I said and laughed at how much research I had obviously done. So basically now I just wait till the contractions start! We have our last ante-natal class tonight then we are on our own.

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Claerwen said...

Thinking of you! Hope you are surviving those last difficult weeks. Can't wait for you to pop!

Love Auntie Claerwen XX