Monday, June 25, 2007

It's now into Week 41 and getting ridiculous. I'm so heavy that my feet and knees can barely support me. I am only comfortable when lying on my side or swimming in the pool. No sign of any contractions or signs other than lots of Braxton Hix. And it's now really hot outside!

We had lots of odd jobs around the house to do before any guests arrive (Amanda is our first in 2 weeks) and hubby wanted me to hire an odd job man to do them but I didn't fancy the idea of another stranger in the house so convinced him that he could do them if we bought the right tools for the job. So on Saturday we went to Leroy Merlin, a large DIY supermarket, and purchased a propert B&D drill, appropriate bits, hooks, screws and bulbs. That little exercise just about killed me and I had to wait in the car while Tanc did the rest of the grocery shopping. I think he will have to get used to doing it on his own for a while!

The rest of the weekend was spent DIY'ing, with Tanc up a ladder and me giving my 2 cents worth. It was quite a comedy of errors and a real test of a marriage but we got there in the end and my husband proved to be a worthy member of the DIY club. I am very impressed and proud of his results. And the drill has paid for itself in one weekend!

Our lamp from Tangiers was finally hung

Our wedding present from Mark was hung, it's a piece by a 70's string artist called Gabriel Alberca and apparently he is experiencing a surge in popularity with collectors. Nice!

Our apartment is starting to look like a gallery, but we love it!

Now these were a challenge, there was blood, sweat and tears involved....

Let's hope madame decides to come out and meet us soon because I'm getting very fed up...

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