Tuesday, June 12, 2007

I forgot to report on my last visit to Dr Berral last Thursday. Tiger was monitored and all is normal. I was 1cm dilated and my cervix had started to lengthen and soften. So although it is impossible to tell how much longer, we are on the way! Now we await spontaneous labour or if nothing has happened by the 26th I need to go back in to the clinic to be monitored. I feel like it's more likely to be spontaneous combustion! Even Doc said i think she's going to be one of those chubby babies! Cherubic let's hope!

On the weekend we went to lunch in Benaojan which is past Ronda. We ate at a gorgeous restaurant on a river, which used to be a mill (los Molinos). Although I was very uncomfortable it was a beautiful setting. Charles and Sandra and Diana, Alex and Alex's son little Alex were with us. After lunch we went to look at Charles' land just down the road. They all went for a walk while I stayed in the car chatting with Sandra (in Spanish) about plastic surgery in Columbia which is where she is from and where she and Charles are going this Saturday for a 2 month holiday.

Notice Tanc's Ecuadorian Panama hat which we bought in Barcelona

In the last couple of weeks my face has really puffed up, and I know longer have ankles, not that I could see them if I did have them! Note to self: don't wear slicked back hair when having a fat face day. I look more like a fat 15 year old than Sade!

My 2 friends Ida and Tina were both booked in to be induced yesterday at the USP hospital in Marbella (where I'm going). That is if they didn't give birth on the weekend naturally. Yesterday was the annual Marbella holiday for the Feria (big party) so let's hope the doctors were in good shape! I await news of their experiences with bated breath.....

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