Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year!!!!

We got back to Spain on Saturday night after spending 2 weeks in the UK. An enjoyable family Christmas was spent at Lois and Norman's in Surrey. We all acquired a lot more 'things' which of course we had to find room for in our suitcases! My wonderful, gorgeous, sexy husband gave me my dream camera (Canon EOS 400D) for Christmas so I had a lot of fun learning what buttons did what. Finally I can put some pictures up on the blog!

We celebrated our 1st year wedding anniversary on 30th December with a romantic dinner at the Chelsea Brasserie. Here's the happy couple on their way to dinner....

I went for my 16 week ante-natal check-up yesterday and all is in good shape. Tiger was in a breach position so I couldn't see his face, his genitals (to confirm that he is a he) or anything else much. My blood pressure is very low again but Ascension, the doctor's wife, assured me that it's nothing to be alarmed about. She even suggested that I have a milky coffee in the mornings to help me with energy. Fantastic as I had been suffering coffee withdrawals!

Not much to see except a cranium and a scapula. I hope the fat starts to go on soon, Tiger's looking undernourished!

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