Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday 28 November, 2006

Today we had an appointment at Hospiten, a Sanitas Private Hospital in Estepona. The appointment was for 1.30pm and we got there a couple of minutes before. We waited until 2.45pm to see the doctor. T was extremely pissed off by then so it was not a good start to the appointment. When we walked in and saw the doctor I think we were both a bit shocked. He was unshaven and so thin he looked ill. He started firing questions at me in Spanish which I didn't think were relevant and T and I both sat there a bit bemused. I was taken to be weighed and had my blood pressure taken then pants off and up on the stirrups. An interepreter had arrived by then but she seemed very grumpy. He started asking me about pap smears and I couldn't remember when I last had one so said it must have been before the IVF started. Soon our Tiger was up on the screen and you could see the little arms and legs and that heart still beating away strongly. So that was it, pants back on, sat back with him he told me via the interepreter that I need to book the Nuchal Fold test for Dec 15 and had to come and do the full blood tests sometime before then. So we went and waited another half hour at reception to sign forms and book the next appointment. I could see T was not happy at all. Then they said they couldn't fit me in on the day the doctor asked for but could see me on the 19th so I booked that but I don't think we will be coming back for that unless we can't find another solution.

So the main thing is that Tiger is perfect so far but overall it was a depressing day instead of being joyful. Instead of clarifying the situation with regard to my antenatal care and the birth, it has only served to muddy things. We will have to go back to the drawing board and come up with another plan because one thing is for sure, I don't want that doctor delivering our baby if I can help it! I know that sounds terrible and the reason he probably looks so bad is because he delivers so many babies (there were several checking out as we were waiting), but neither of us felt comfortable in the place. It certainly was not private healthcare as we know it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous MM, what a shame you had such a dissapointing experience, sounds like an episode of faulty Towers! Glad to hear however that little tiger is hang'n tuff throughout it all. BTW I haven't had any 'down there' exams for either pregnancy but maybe its different in Spain? You shouldn't worry about wanting to change your care if you can't communicate with your ob - goodluck sifting thru the differnet options - perhaps you could try stopping mums on the street and surveying them!! Thinking of you 3,

Love Auntie Claerwen XXX