Friday, December 01, 2006

My life is so boring at the moment. I'm trying to use my time at home productively but I find I'm moving at half pace. I have managed to turn our storage room into a studio/library which I am very pleased with. It's a cosy place to lose several hours a day on the internet. I don't have a digital camera at the moment so can't add any photos but I have asked Father Christmas for one as T says he is getting me socks.

I did manage to call up about some drawing and painting classes and went for my first one yesterday. I was quite nervous but it was an enjoyable outing, just long enough to fit inbetween nausea waves. It was a one on one session with a lovely English gent painter in his studio at the top of his townhouse in Ojen, a picturesque white washed village, 10 mins up the mountain from Marbella. I told him I was looking for someone to help me out with technical hints as I had never had any formal training. I found him easy to be around, interesting and he really helped. I've decided to visit him twice a week, 2 hours each time. So hopefully we will see some progress! At least it gets me out ...

Here is my first attempt at still life...

I'm reading a lot which is good. At least my mind is staying active. Oscar Wilde at the moment, The Picture of Dorian Gray. His words delight and amaze me. What an incredible mind! T admitted that he used to fancy himself a bit of a Dorian Gray when he was younger. He couldn't understand why I laughed hysterically when he told me. It's great having a husband who makes you laugh!

Talk about riveting television... last night, Eastenders followed by The State Within. Fantastic, edge of your seat viewing. Plus we went out for an early sushi dinner at Fashion Sushi on the Golden Mile. Fantastic as usual and I was able to have grilled salmon maki rolls. MMMMmmm. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Today we had our new dishwasher plumbed in so hopefully less time spent in the kitchen for me.

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