Thursday, April 29, 2010

We went skiing in Sierra Nevada for 3 days, got back late Tuesday night.  Was hubby's birthday present to himself.  He has been dying to get up there but not had a chance until now, and fortunately there was enough snow to extend the season by a few weeks.  It was incredible weather....  clear blue sky, sunshine, hot, hot, hot....  a beach day down on the coast.  But we were skiing 3ooom above sea level.  Weird really.  Willow loved being in the snow, particularly eating it.  She had a turn on skis, on the chair lift and skiing down the mountain inbetween my legs.  She just wanted to go straight down.  As i started to meander down the slope she said mummy big one, which translates as go faster!

Cool cats... Bianca, Fulvia and me at Bianca's birthday party

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Home Girl said...

r u channeling posh? v glam on the slopes darling. willoe looks adorable all rugged up. i love the way she looks thru her hair when she is drinking her drink - such a flirty little poppet