Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you are all happy, healthy and enjoying some family LEISURE time! I know I have been off the radar for a long time but I am so pleased to be back in blogland! If you don't know, I have been travelling in Australia, Malaysia and the UK since before Christmas. I enjoyed a fabulous family reunion in Melbourne which happens every 2 years and lasted for 3 weeks. As you can imagine it was all too short and sweet. Then I moved on to an island in Malaysia called Langkawi. It was amazing. I have to say that the Malaysian people in general are the the nicest, kindest and most pleasant people I have ever met. Then I spent over a month in the UK where I (underwent) a cycle of IVF treatment. The treatment unfortunately was unsuccessful which came as a big shock to my husband and I as the first time we did it resulted in our beautiful daughter Willow. We assumed it would happen for us again so we were very upset and disappointed. However it didn't last long as we realised how fortunate and happy we already are. Que sera sera.... etc.. etc...

Homemade hot cross buns..... delicious!

Willow's nursery had a gallery of decorated eggs. We had a go but unfortunately Willow was too sick with a bad cold on Wednesday to be there for the prizegiving. Somehow I don't think we were in the running. You should have seen some of the pieces the children/parents displayed! Works of art!!

This photo was taken by Willow, and she decorated the cupcakes too. I was trying to tell her that less is more, but at Easter time I guess it doesn't matter!

The weather has been glorious! Thankyou Mother Nature! x

The Hello Kitty Birthday cake and cupcakes I made for Bianca's 5th birthday party. Happy Birthday Bianca! She had a wonderful kitty cat birthday party.

I took the time to swap Willow's bedroom into the spare room so now she has a full on playroom/bedroom. It's so much better as now there are no toys in the loungeroom

She really loves her new bedroom/playroom

You know they are up to something when it goes very quiet for at least a few minutes...

This is a photo that Willow took of one of her paintings. I love it!

Easter (Semana Santa) in Spain is such an important religious and family time. Marbella goes from being basically a sleepy village to a bustling international town. Fortunately the weather gods shone down upon us and gifted us with sunshine and warmth. It has been a very pleasant holiday period. Willow is now in bed asleep, which is a blessing in itself considering the amount of chocolate she has eaten. We are not long home from a wonderful lunch which turned into dinner.... the best ones do don't they..... We dined at Fulvia and JM's apartment, overlooking the sea, on the terrace, in the sunshine.... delicious Italian food, fresh, tasty ingredients and amazing flavours.... Burato mozzarella, tomatoes and pesto, Saltimbocca, pasta, plenty of white wine, coffee and chocolate. Willow and Bianca played together nicely, mostly...

Good Night and Sweet dreams... xxx

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Home Girl said...

have been thinking about you a lot recently after hearing the sad news that all the hard work and longing accouted for nothing. my heart goes out to you both and imagine it must be such a hard thing to accept. will keep my fingers crossed that a little miracle comes your way xxx