Saturday, October 06, 2007

Oh dear, it's been such a long time between bloggings! I'm still trying to 'manage' my time efficiently; some days are successful and others seem to disappear into nothingness except for the quality time spent with my gorgeous daughter Willow. It's hard to drag myself away from her as I really do have things to do.... !

We had a great couple of weeks with our visitors, first Marcella Brennan came to stay (Renee's mum) and then Lois and Norman (Tanc's parents) came to visit; Willow of course being the centre of attention.

Marcella and Willow deep in conversation

The windows to her soul....

Lois and Norman looking very cool and relaxed in Plaza de Naranjos

Willow enjoying a laugh with Grandma Lois

Willow and I started swimming lessons last Friday. The first class she didn't like so much as the room was very noisy and it was all a bit overwhelming but yesterday she enjoyed herself. She now has a little friend called Liv who is in the class too. She is Cecilia's 7 month old daughter and unbelievably I met Cecilia in Japan about 10 years ago! The world really is a small place! I will get some photos next time.

Enjoying the last of the season's sun

Willow was very brave on Thursday and had her first lot of immunisation. No problems or side effects which was great as obviously it is stressful for the parents! The doctor gave her the once over. She is the perfect weight for her height and only 5% of the baby population at 3 months are taller/heavier than her. According to him if she continues at the rate she is going she will be at least 5 ft 8 inches when she is 20yrs old, but I seem to remember that's what they said to Lindy (my sis) didn't they, and she's my height! So doc's advice was to just keep doing what I'm doing until she is 6 months when we can start with the solids as she is getting all she needs from my milk.

Tanc stopping to smell the roses?

Willow, 3 months

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