Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Surprise!

For my (ahhum) birthday last week, my lovely husband took the family to Ibiza for 3 nights. We stayed at a gorgeous hotel right on the tip of the north of the island, called Na Xamena (Hacienda Hotel). It's a 5 star spa hotel and the staff, food and accommodation were impressive. The slight problem we had was that the airline lost our suitcase on the way (although it was only a 50 minute flight and there were only 10 people on the flight!) So we struggled through with no luggage, having to buy nappies etc for Willow as soon as we could and making do with hotel toiletries. To cap things off, on the Saturday night we went for dinner in Ibiza Town and I was unfortunately covered in red wine by a little girl swinging her coat and taking my glass with it! I burst into tears and lamented that this was my only outfit, and she apologised lamely as did her father, both in shock at what had just happened, so we told them just to go! Can you imagine the faces of the reception at the hotel, they couldn't believe our bad luck! The hotel experience was brilliant but the bad luck continued on the trip home. We had to fly via Barcelona but there were problems with our plane for the trip back to Malaga and so after 6 hours in the airport it was finally cancelled and we had to stay in a hotel overnight and take an early flight the next morning. So all in all quite an experience to start the rest of my life with!....

The view from our window

Our room

Las Cascades Water Treatments

The high life!

Tancrede demonstrating the paper undies used in the spa

Willow loved the Egyptian cotton sheets!

and the 5 star restaurant!

Daddy's little girl

another day, another beach...

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