Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just the Beginning....

The most amazing thing has happened! The thing we have been trying for, for nearly 3 years and the thing that seems to happen to everyone around us, except us! We are pregnant!

The home pregnancy test is still sitting on our dressing table and we both keep looking at it to see if it has changed or to check that we got it right. It seems so surreal. This time we were very confident as we had been to London to do the IVF programme at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital and it had gone extremely well. I had 2 healthy embryos implanted so we were definitely in with an excellent chance this time. I could tell I was pregnant because my boobs had grown already and they were really tender but hubby refused to think about it until he had seen the test. I know it is still very early days and I have to take it very carefully for a few weeks but I'm so confident everything will be ok. I'm practically living the life of a nun; light yoga, meditation, gentle walks, 10 hours sleep a night, no coffee, no junk food and not a drop of wine has touched my lips. It's actually quite boring when I'm out with friends. You know what it's like when everyone around you is drinking and you're stone cold sober. You just wonder why you are there! Still, I don't care. I'M PREGNANT!!!

When we first moved to Spain a couple of years ago we tried the IVF programme in Malaga. Unfortunately it didn't work for us. I didn't respond to the hormones and was told that I was not a good candidate for IVF. Well this time round I was an excellent candidate. I responded extremely well to the hormones and was able to produce 13 eggs from my follicles. So my advice is never give up!

I would like to say that the ACU (Assisted Conception Unit) team at Chelsea were fantastic. They were so informative, efficient and friendly that we felt in great hands.

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Claerwen said...

Its great to read your story, its left me wanting more. Can we have a weekly blog update? It would be wonderful to have a diary recording the journey with your special twins. Photos too please. We wana see mumma grow bigga!