Saturday, February 16, 2013

A New Year!

I cannot believe it´s been a year since my last post!  I really miss blogging and am often writing  posts in my head!  Just haven´t been able to put pen to paper for one reason or another!  Well here I am, willing and able and starting as I mean to go on.

So how was your Valentine´s Day?  It´s never a huge deal in our household as Mr T is always anti anything commercial, so I was pleasantly surprised when he came home with a Valentine´s bouquet.  He then proceeded to tell me how much it cost and how it was extortion, but I just smiled and said thankyou darling!

I made us a Kir Royale and then got to work preparing a special dinner of Duck Salad.  I based it on Bill Granger´s recipe from his Holiday cook book.  It was supposed to be with ripe figs but as they are not in season I used blackberries which were frozen but worked beautifully.  It was a triumph and so quick and easy.  I was supposed to make a strawberry mousse cheesecake but ran out of time.  It got made the next day so we will be enjoying it tonight!  We had a lovely, romantic dinner for three, with Miss Willow joining us, blocked nose and all.  

Kir Royale for 2!  The elaborate looking urn behind the glasses was a gift from a very generous client of hubby´s, brought all the way from Dubai!

Mother Nature came to the party too and provide a lovely pink sky evening.  Here is the view of La Concha from out our lounge window

Sugar cookies before

Sugar cookies after

Part of a Valentine´s dessert table display I put together

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