Sunday, November 07, 2010

I so love being mother to Willow.  She is a pure bundle of joy, however cliched that sounds and brings me such happiness.  I am loving her 3 year old self.  I do miss baby Willow though and still try to baby her at times but it's not easy with 1.04m and 18kg! 

An example of her gorgeousness....  I was sitting doing my blog entry (8.30pm) and she called out from the bed that she was finished with her DVD (I told her I would come and lie with her only when she had turned the DVd off).  So I lay next to her in the dark holding her hand and said goodnight precious girl and she giggled and said goodnight precious lady then said let's go to sleep shall we.  5 minutes later she was snoring and I came back to the computer.  Sweet!  I'm afraid I don't do things by the book at bedtime.  I lie next to Willow everynight until she falls asleep.  Mostly this is a short time and to me it's a wonderful peaceful time for both of us.  She can do it without me as proven when we have had a babysitter, but when I'm here it's our routine and I wouldn't change it for the world.

It's quite a luxury for her being an only child, so much attention!  I guess we have to watch that she doesn't get spoilt.  She doesn't appear to be so far.  She has inherited my shyness though.  After 2 years of the same nursery she is still shy every morning with her teachers and friends.  Apparently this doesn't last long!

Hubby and I had a barney of an argument this past weekend with lots of shouting (long overdue!) and poor Willow was in the middle.  Instead of getting upset she was so adorable and sat with me, stroking my head, wiping my face, telling me to drink water and saying it's ok, it's ok.  So adorable!  Although she did stand by me, when I told her to, she went and gave her dad a cuddle to make sure he was ok too.  And then when we kissed and made up she was right in the middle, arms around both our necks!

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