Saturday, June 06, 2009

Amanda and John's visit....

Amanda and John arrived safe and sound on the Delta flight from Orlando via New York to Malaga. Said it was pretty easy... not a full flight so they could stretch out and get some sleep. The boys played golf yesterday and the girls had a very girly time, watched Sex and the City movie, ate chocolate truffle pudding, then went for a long walk from home, down to the beach via Puente Romano to show Amanda (a fellow botanical appreciator) the beautiful and inspiring gardens, stopping to feed the swans (one of Willow's favourite things to do).... to Marbella Club for coffee, then back up the hill to home. By this time Miss Willow wanted to be carried the whole way home so it was an excellent workout. No guilt about the chocolate pudding...

Willow and Auntie Amanda

Feeding the swans at Puente Romano hotel

Marbella Club for coffee (and icy treat to keep her quiet...)

Note bride and groom in background

Madame making herself comfortable

We are off to Granada this morning to visit the Alhambra Palace and stay at a cute hotel in the old town so very excited, weather is perfect and should be great trip. Will no doubt have lots of photos to post...

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Cake Marbella said...

Hi - good to hear from you - think your blogs are great. Have only been blogging a few weeks really, but it's very addictive!

I read that you bake, but if you get snowed under, you know where we are.

Best of luck with your new project :)