Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas in Spain

Here is Willow showing Penelope her new pony (early christmas present!)

She has remarkably good posture and balance on Brandy for a first time

Hop on Pen and we'll go for a ride!

Christmas Carols night for charity

Jane and Willow share a love of purple

Our Skiing Trip to Sierra Nevada



Home Girl said...

happy christmas beloved much missed gorgeous people! we LOVED all our super stylish pressies and really really must make time to talk so i can gush some more. when are u back from blighty? LOTS OF LOVE & JINGLES claerwen

Home Girl said...

darlink just wanted to check in again to say that my lack of ringing is no reflection of how much i think of you guys. its just so hard to find the time in the evenings - am always so busy busy doing my blog or whatever else it takes to try and feel sane in those precious short hours that the kids are slumbering. how bout we have a messanger chat soon? xxxx