Saturday, October 25, 2008

Enjoying John's band's gig (band is called Men with Mortgages!)

Tanc and John (brother-in-laws!)

Willow was determined to get on stage

Cruising in the Sebring (what a shit car!)

Loving the ice-cream in Siesta Quay

In the carpark outside Macy's

John's parents apartment at Disney Animal Kingdom

The girls at Animal Kingdom

Amanda trying out Willow's new pram

Orlando downtown (many lakes in the city)

Amanda looking stunning at sunset on our first night in Orlando (dinner on a private jetty. Priceless!)

Just chillin at John and Amanda's


The view from the jetty where we were dining

Happy and excited to be in a new environment with family...

Back in Marbella at a favourite cafe Terra Sana

Willow loves a bit of retail therapy

Willow in her new uniform for La Latina Nursery

Back at Terra Sana

Taking after her mum in the dressing up department....

It's been a busy couple of weeks since we got home from Florida. Willow has started nursery. This week she went Tues to Friday from 10am to around 1.30pm. So far so good she seems to enjoy it. They have a structured playtime then lunch at 12.30. It's been really nice for me having some time alone however as we have only one car still (mine was stolen), i have to walk to and from Marbella to pick her up so there is nearly an hour each way. I use the time to catch up on telephone calls.

I have a really great group of mummy girlfriends now so I am so happy. We all have lots in common which makes it fun and interesting meeting up. The kids are still a bit young to play together but they are getting to know each other slowly.

Willow had her MMR vaccination yesterday and was sick several times last night. It was nasty seeing her in such discomfort. She slept in our bed virtually on top of me so between T's snoring and Willow I didn't get a lot of sleep. It was different for me trying to give her comfort without the breast as I have fully weaned her (since getting back from US). I am very proud of myself and her. I thought it would be hard but it only took a week or so. So my boobs are now on the way down... I have dug out all my small bras as the ones in my drawer are now all baggy! Scary to think i will have to wear a push-up bra day and night from now on! Also interesting to note that the hair under my arms has started to grow again... strangely I had none whilst breastfeeding. One of the not so well documented benefits!

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