Thursday, September 11, 2008

My car was stolen last week with the baby pram and car seat on board. Could be a couple of months before we get some insurance money back. A real downer to say the least so I've been housebound. You go a bit crazy just running round on damage control, trying to get a bit of housework done. Got picked up yesterday to go get coffee and today to take a walk on the beach but it was difficult without a pram. Tomorrow I have mother and baby group at my place so should be fun for Willow. Hope hubby gets everything on my shopping list as I plan to do some baking.
Willow at the polo in Sotogrande where we bumped into Fergie and her 2 daughters (the Royal not the Black-eyed pea)

Rearranging my spice rack

Resting (heavy beads)

Helping me put the shopping away!


Home Girl said...

so many conflicting emotions regarding this post! sad face over the car fiasco, falling off my chair over the fergie run-in, chuckles over mummies little helper etc etc an emotional rollercoaster! looks like gorgeous willow is the center of everything in your sundrenched never a dull moment life! xx

Home Girl said...

hi honey, not sure if ros has filled u in - had a crappy day yesterday so unfortunately no good news to share - have written a little story bout it on my blog. hope all is well in your world, love me xx