Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring is in full swing here in Marbella. Puts you in a good mood, regardless of the woesome diagnosis for the world's economy and it's effects...

Little Willow (I just found out that in Portuguese is Sausalito) is enjoying it immensely, being in the fresh air and sunshine. Her favourite thing is looking for birds. It's very cute.

She is crawling as of Good Friday, and is constantly pulling herself up on anything and everything. I'm now in the next phase of parenting! She's like a pocket rocket across the floor! She's got the feeding thing down now. It's just mummy who has to get it together... I can't tell you how many pots I've burnt! Smoky carrot flavour is not pleasant for anyone.

Our terrace is so fragrant right now. It's just gorgeous. We went to the garden centre on the weekend and picked up some herbs and some bulbs for a bit of springtime colour. So the scent of jasmine, orange blossoms, hyacinths, basil, coriander and rosemary fills the air.... mmm heaven.

We've been playing tennis too which is great fun. Willow sits on the sidelines with her toys and has a picnic, every now again getting up to shout for team de Pola! I have to make sure I get the afternoon sleep just right so that this is all possible of course! The first time we tried was a disaster, with me changing a pooey nappy and breastfeeding on the court!

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