Saturday, February 23, 2008

Well, welcome back! Hope you like my new look. New Year, new you and all that. I have to apologise for my lack of blogging but I will explain why... My computer is set up in the basement and we have had (still having) problems with leaking water through the walls. The result is that it has been a bombsite down there, complete with cockroach nest and rats! So I have not wanted to go in there! I finally could wait no longer so asked big brave hubby to retrieve the computer for me and I set it up in the lounge. So I'm back!

We had a fantastic trip to Australia, although it disappeared all too quickly. My parents hosted us beautifully in their new house in Templestowe. What a great job they have done on it; so comfortable, stylish and well set up. There is a kindergarten in the back yard! No wonder the grandchildren don't want to leave when they visit!

Christmas passed in the blink of an eye and then we were down at Sorrento. We really enjoyed ourselves: the weather was hot and sunny, we were staying in the gorgeous guest house next door to Phil and Liz's beach house and we had our family all around us. It was a typical Australian family beach holiday, but again it went by too fast! Are you sensing a theme here!

And Tanc got to go fishing! He had a great day out and we got dinner!

On the way back to Melbourne we stopped off at T'Gallant Winery. Sweltering sun and buzzing cafe. Purchased some Pinot Grigio and Juliet rose for our anniversary.

Tim's birthday BBQ... Hawaiian shirts compulsory?

Maddie showing us all how to accessorise. She was rarely seen without her jewels and a handbag.

I had a chance to catch up with my great friends. We met up with Sal, Simon, Ruby and Ella at Geelong beach which was fun. Her gorgeous girls are all grown up but Sal and Simon haven't changed a bit!

We also caught up with Renee, Marcella, Spencer and Mackie down at their new house near Seaford. Renee has a handful with her boys but they are cuties that's for sure! I don't know how she is still managing to write her music, record an album and do hair and makeup for weddings while looking after the boys!!! Supermum or what!

We took a trip up to Hamilton Island but unfortunately, aside from the first 2 days we were rained out. It was a monsoon in fact! Never again at that time of year....

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Claerwen said...

welcome back MM! thanks for the bum shot! miss u guys come baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack XXXXxx