Thursday, August 09, 2007

Welcome back! I have finally got a minute to get typing! You will all have heard by now that our beautiful baby girl, Willow Jasmin de Pola, was born on 4th July at 11.15pm. For those of you interested here is my birth story.....

The 4th July began as any other day. We got up with the alarm, I made Tanc breakfast in bed and I had a freshly squeezed orange juice (I was concerned about filling my bowel!). We showered and dressed for our appointment at 9.30am. It was a very strange feeling to know that by the end of the day, more than likely we will have a daughter! Taking my suitcase with us we drove to the hospital in good time.

Parking is horrendous in Marbella, particularly around the hospital, so we left the car across the road with the valet carwash and said we'd be back later! Yolanda, the Spanish midwife, was waiting for us at the front door. She helped us through the check-in procedure and then took us to our suite. It was definitely the best room in the house with views over the Marbella Marina.

End of Part 1 - Willow is calling me!

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