Monday, July 02, 2007

Well nothing happened on the weekend. I was moody and uncomfortable, barely able to support my own body. Once down I had to ask Tanc's help to get up! This will be the last photo of me pregnant. I spoke to doc this morning and I'm checking in to Hotel USP Marbella ( i mean Hospital...) on Wednesday morning at 9.30am CET. I'm going to be induced, 12 days over my due date so fingers crossed all goes well. We should have a baby by Wednesday night! I will let you all know what happens as soon as I can...... wish me luck..... i'm a bit scared to be honest!


Claerwen said...

thank you for the update and photo - we are on the edge of our seats here so can't imagine how you are feeling. tiger is certainly showing early divaesque tendancies making us all wait so long for her grand entrance! sometimes things all balance out in the long run so maybe your birth will be quick and easy to make up for all the waiting and discomfort. BEST OF LUCK WE ARE ALL SENDING POSITIVE VIBES & LOTS OF LOVE XXXXXXX

Ben said...

Hey guys, have really enjoyed your blog - you look fantastic Kate, positively glowing :)We have just heard the brilliant news about beautiful Willow, what a gorgeous name. Hope all went well, look forward to hearing the details. Thanks for your e-mail - went to reply and had been deleted somehow... lots and lots of love to you all from Jo and Ben xxxxx