Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our internet has been down for over a week so I am behind with my postings. There hasn't been a lot happening; we had a gorgeous, romantic Valentine's Day dinner at home cooked by me. 4 courses of all Tanc's favourites. And there were roses and divine pink champagne galore. I think Tiger is definitely going to be born with a penchant for pink champagne! She is really active now. Tanc has felt many a good kick. She responds to light and sound (as well as adrenalin, caffeine and alcohol funnily enough).

My 21 week body:

My 22 week body:

On Saturday we went to look at a villa in Casares. I fell head over in love with it. Unfortunately it's not looking good as anything in the campo (country area) doesn't value well with the banks so we won't be able to offer them anything like what they want for it. Tanc is going to put a deal to them, as he is Mr Dealmaker and if anyone can, he can, however I'm not hopeful. I am trying to forget about it.
Mr DealMaker

I've had drawing class, Spanish classes (lots of homework) and I'm trying to master my camera still so my brain is really being pushed at the moment. We are off to Meribel to ski (not me I can assure you) on Saturday so in 2 weeks I will have some interesting photos to post!

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